Introduction:A Minute with Melissa

Hello ! I’m Melissa Halliman ! Welcome to this space . This is entitled ‘Introduction’ so I will be done here in a minute . I am first and foremost a Christian and that is the main reason for this blog . I hope to share the Gospel with you in one of the best ways I know : writing .

I grew up in a strictly Christian home where attending church and being involved in church activities was not a strange idea. I never thought I would be very much affected by this and for a great amount of time in my early years , I was so confused about the idea of salvation and who I was in Christ . I wasted much time doing many things that were not contributing to my growth as a Christian and as you can guess I made terrible decisions .

The purpose of this blog is to help us discover what it means to be saved and how to life a fruitful Christian life . You may even be so confused reading this but I promise , a minute will lead to a lifetime with Jesus Christ . You can join me on this journey .

Welcome !


11 thoughts on “Introduction:A Minute with Melissa

  1. I very much relate to making poor decisions which have not helped me grow in my life in Christ. My father is an Anglican Minister so theory my early years of life my brother, sister, and I attended church and we’re heavily involved in church activities. I fell away heavily for a decade and only when I turned to God, and fully accepted Jesus as my saviour has my life been on track. It is not easy, I still mess up, but I know by turning to God, laying down my burden and following His guidance, the destination will be worth it.

    Peace to you, and I pray you continue to write as the Holy Spirit guides you. 😊

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