“ I want to be a Christian , Now What ?”- Part 2

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature : old things are passed away ; behold all things are become new .

To be a Christian means that old habits , mindsets , toxic relationships and sinful ways should be erased . There should be an intentional effort made to be free from all these things as they would greatly reduce your new spiritual journey .

‘ All things becoming new’ refers to a new life of grace and peace . There would be many temptations and problems that may test who you are and how much you actually believe God . There may be mistakes or moments where you question whether not you are truly born again . That is normal and is to be expected . The new believer or born again Christian is like a baby and needs to grow with the word of God. Babies can be messy and many thing are required for the few months of life . As spiritual babes , it is necessary for you to feed your spirit with a daily devotion or quiet time , Christian music , Christian messages in tandem with prayer . All these things help to nurture you in your walk with God . You will experience tremendous growth and even your life will change significantly! If you relapse into a life of sin, all hope is not lost . Babies fall, but they never stay down, they get right back up on their feet ! You can do it . Grace abounds !


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