The New Man (As God’s Child)-14

“Before God made the world, he chose us to be his people because of Christ. He chose us so that we would please him. Because we belong to Christ, God accepts us as completely good. This shows how much he loves us. Long ago, he already decided to accept us into his family as his children, because of Jesus Christ. He chose us to belong to him because it made him very happy. As a result, we praise him, because he is great and he has been so kind to us. He has given us so much because of his Son, whom he loves very much.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:4-6‬ ‭EASY‬‬

I always had a unique uneasiness when I think of the idea of job interviews . The anxiety of being selected or rejected is so nerve racking . Many times I question whether or not my years of experience or service would be recognized and appreciated . I am sure that you must have had such experiences .

Unlike the numerous requirements for job interviews , God’s only prerequisite for adopting us is by Jesus Christ . We need Jesus Christ to be accepted as God’s children . Even then, God had already decided long before we existed that we would be adopted and accepted . It can be likened to getting our dream job even before we came for an interview . That means that God already took into consideration the mistakes we would make and the sins we would commit . God knew that by virtue of his son Jesus Christ , we could receive salvation and be adopted into his family .

You are loved and adopted into God’s family !

Be blessed !


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