The Christ in Me by Gabriel Bethune

Hi! I am Gabriel Bethune from Jamaica. Melissa and I went to the same high school, Campion College. I met her through her involvement in the Campion College Dance Society. We’d speak from time to time during 6th form but it was not until earlier this year that I realized we shared something life-changing in common: Our belief in Jesus Christ.

Being a Christian , even though I would prefer to refer to myself as Kingdom Women, literally means LIFE to me. I see no way I can live without my DADDY. The practicality of the message of Jesus Christ on a scale of 1-10 is a 50. I have come to a point of complete dependency on Him because I proven His helping presence in my life daily . This genuine dependency stems from my secret place where I spend time seeking His face.

One of the main challenges I face is consistency with Him . Whether it be honouring my convenants made with Him or honouring the time I set aside to meet with Him . I genuinely believe once we remain consistent in our relationship , we can be propelled into higher levels of spirituality .

The Word of God for me is life. There were many times when I have felt absolutely dry and low in spirit but I realized that the professing of His words that are life-giving from my mouth , has restored and renewed me . I also think that the professing the word to overcome various trials and testings has to be coupled with submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The word is for me is TRUTH and LIFE. PERIOD!


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