Day 39- My Jesus Journal – The Closest Friend

A common misconception of people is that Jesus is far away and so we can’t make decisions regarding Him because we fear we’d plunge into the unknown and unseen . (After all we can’t see God right ? Or that’s what we think )

Instead of trying ( to have a relationship with Him ) , we resort to placing Him in a box that only exists in the confines of a church or religious gathering or when something calamitous happens and we need prayers.

The evidence of Jesus is everywhere if you ask me but most importantly , He is just as close to you and me as wet clothes is on a body . The onus is now on us to believe that Jesus is just as close as WE make him and HE has been waiting for us( to come close ) since that day His blood was shed for us !

But now [at this very moment] in Christ Jesus you who once were [so very] far away [from God] have been brought near by the blood of Christ.”

Ephesians 2:13 AMP

Be blessed !


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