Day 40 – My Jesus Journal – The One Who Walks on a Prepared Path

I love styling natural hair . The process of doing one’s hair requires much preparation with the right products , right combs , correct positioning in a chair and diligence . No great hairstyle does not require great preparation. Styling hair can take a short ten minutes to a long 10 hours or more . The hairstyle is directly linked to how much you have prepared for the style . The same principle applies to our lives . Whatever we do , no matter how great or small , there is some amount of preparation. Many times the preparation is so vast that the end product seems so fleeting but the point is , without preparation , no great thing can or will happen .

This is the one who was mentioned by the prophet Isaiah when he said, “THE VOICE OF ONE SHOUTING IN THE WILDERNESS, ‘PREPARE THE ROAD FOR THE LORD, MAKE HIS HIGHWAYS STRAIGHT (level, direct)!’ ”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭AMP‬‬

John the Baptist appeared as a forerunner to Jesus Christ and he helped to prepare the way for Christ by generating excitement and stirring up anticipation in the people . This is so significant because it reflects how we are expected to be stirred up to receive the words of Christ .

I was never one to have my quiet time daily , much less pray however when a desire was stirred up in me , I realized that it came more naturally to me . If we are being completely honest with ourselves , sometimes we rather binge watch Netflix than read the Bible or we rather chat with friends than pray and that happens to even the best of us . Our desire to God can actually be stirred up and you should not feel bad that you sometimes have to create an atmosphere to feel the tangible presence of God .

The most important thing that Jesus desires to do any great thing in our lives is a prepared heart . A prepared heart to be like Him and to live for Him . The soil of our hearts should be so fertile and prepared that one seed , even a seemingly accidental seed, would yield much fruit and profit . Jesus Christ’s path is apparent and his presence is so close but have you prepared your heart to receive him ?

Be blessed !


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