Exciting News – New Book Coming Soon ! ✨

Hi Blog Family !

I’m so excited to announce that I have a new book coming out in a couple of days! It will be available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble and other online platforms in ebook , soft cover and hardcover ! God has been amazing ! I thank you for your unwavering support these past months ! We’ve had incredible times together !

Jesus Christ is really beautiful . One just has to taste and see . You have all been here these past month with me as I sought and continue to seek Jesus during these unprecedented times. With that said , I look forward to your support as we launch this book !

If you would like to 1) order a copy , 2) share to your blog to help share this message, 3)be part of the launch team , please send me a message . I would appreciate it so much !

God bless you all richly !


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